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 RoYaL's editor here.

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RoYaL Editor

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PostSubject: RoYaL's editor here.   Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:38 am

Hey guys, some of you might not know me but I am RoYaL's editor. If you want anything edited and I mean anything please send me a PM or message me on xbox live or send me a email. I am going to be changing my name to RoYaL Montage or RoYaL Editor when I get microsoft points. Very Happy Also, if you think I am decent for a editor than check out my Youtube page to see if you like my editing. I also do web design and GFX. I have been editing for Five years and I have been doing web design and GFX for two years. So, I hope you enjoy. Below is contact information of me.

Gamertag: BnG Predator

If you want anything edited, please upload your clips to a file server (Megaupload, fileshare, zshare, mediafire etc..) and send the links in a Email or PM and tell me what you want it for like just a little clip sync clip, killcams clip, montage etc...

Below is my time spent on certain projects:

Montages: 2-3 weeks editing time. If you get me the clips faster for your montage than it might be a week and a half.
Little sync clips: 1-2 days.
Killcam edits: 1-2 days
and more.

I would also like to thank RoYaL Aimbotz for recruiting me. Very Happy
- RoYaL Editor
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RoYaL InCepTioN

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PostSubject: Re: RoYaL's editor here.   Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:25 am

Hey that sounds good. I'm getting my capture card this week end so you will be hearing from me. My gt is ddcas30.
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RoYaL LoBBiiEz

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PostSubject: Re: RoYaL's editor here.   Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:21 pm

I will send you my nesxt set of clips and my intros,i edit myself so id like to see how you do. uhh some of my editing is on youtubecom/glggaming. you gotta do better than that. i hope you do bc im getttin tired of editing my stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: RoYaL's editor here.   

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RoYaL's editor here.
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