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 How to Mod your Gamertag

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PostSubject: How to Mod your Gamertag   Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:42 pm

How to Mod Your Gamertag in MW2


This tutorial will show you how to mod your gamertag on an Xbox 360 using EzGt 2.2. Be aware, there is always a possibility that you will get banned if caught modding online.

What you will need:
1. Transfer Cable (FREE!)
2. WinRar 32 Bit or Winrar 64 Bit
3. Xport 360 or USBXplorer (For flash drives)
4. EzGt 2.2

This tutorial will be using Xport 360, but i will add USB over time.
How to do it:
1. Connect your HDD or Memory Card to your computer using your Data Migration Kit.
2. Open Xport 360 (Make sure to run as administrator)

1. Right click Xport 360
2. Select run as administrator.

3. Click File> Open HDD or Memory Card> Select your device.
4. This should come up.

5. Select your HDD or Memory Card.
Device not showing up? Look at this.
6. Navigate to "Partition 3> Content> E0000[Your Gamertag ID]> FFFE07D1> 00010000> Your profile is here.

7. Drag your profile to your desktop.
8. Open the folder containing EzGt 2.2

9. Right click EzGt 2.2 and run as administrator.
10. Click the top left icon> Open> Select your profile> Open.

11. Now that your profile is open, type the new gamertag you would like. (Max character ammount: 15)
For example, I changed mine to

12. You can now go to the Add tab at the top to add buttons and colors. Each color or button you add is 2 characters.
For example, I added the color red to the beginning of my name, this will make my whole name red, thus making the total number of characters in my name 15.

13. Now your done and you can save your profile.
Click the top left icon> Save> Select save location> OK> Close EzGt 2.2

14. You now have a folder wherever you chose to save to called "E0000314FA661940", We're going to put that on your HDD or Memory Card.
15. Open Xport 360
16. Select File> Open Open HDD or Memory Card> Now select your device and select OK.
17. Go to Partition 3> Content> Drag the "E0000314FA661940" folder into the content folder.
Cant drag the folder in there? Look at here.

18. Now you plug your HDD back into your xbox 360.
19. Boot into MW2, dont sign into any accounts yet.
20. Select Multiplayer, Now your going to be where it says Xbox Live, System Link, etc.
21. Sign into the modded account
22. The avatar selection screen will come up, just hit the xbox button
23. Now hit Xbox Live, it will say you cannot play and pop up with all of your profiles.
24. Select your REAL gamertag, not the modded one.
25. It should now take you into MW2 and your name should be modded.
26. Have fun!

If you still cant get the sign in part right, watch this:

Other info:
EzGt was made by: HOBOPOW3R and Hiphop03199
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How to Mod your Gamertag
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